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tv   America This Morning  ABC  September 30, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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. making news in america this morning. home invasion. the armed white house intruder who could have reached the first family. today the secret service team in the hot seat on capitol hill. we're live. break overnight, a care at sea for a country still reeling from a springtime ferry disaster. now another passenger ship runs aground. extreme storms. a powerful system bringing heavy snow and hail big enough to break car windows. logical severe weather strike today? and busted, the driver who was a little fuzzy on the rules of the car pool lane.
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well, good tuesday morning, we begin with the director of the secret service facing tough questions today on capitol hill. >> this comes as we learn frightening new details about how far the white house jumper got into the executive mansion and what the secret service was not selling us. susan joins up. >> reporter: good morning. part of what make this is story so alarming is that the secret service keeps changing the facts. the details up to now were disturbing enough. the suspect seen in this video dashing toward the white house earlier this month made is just past the front door, the secret service said, before being subdued. but new details obtained by abc news say it was far worse than that. after omar gonzalez burst through the front door, overpowered a guard, ran towards a staircase, and the east room. a guilded setting used for
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presidential visits. and an alarm box to alert secret service personnel in this the white house was on mute. oreg he was carrying a three and a half inch knife. and tackled some 80 feet inside. >> he got deep enough, that had the president, the vice president, been walking the hallways, they could have been attacked by mr. gonzalez. >> reporter: he had 800 rounds of ammunition, and a machete in his car. the president and his family were not at home at the time, but the secret service is still facing tough questions about how this happened and why their story keeps changes. >> the basics of the white house, locking the doors, having compartmental security appears to have failed and it failed because of the human element headed by the secret service. >> reporter: later today, the
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secret service's many mistakes will be the subject of a hearing on capitol hill where law makers are demanding answers. >> thank you so much. the u.s. air force is reporting tangible progress in the campaign of air strikes inside syria. the most recent round reportedly hit four syrian provinces. but a british activist group said they killed civilians when they hit a grain silo. it puts the cost of the isis campaign to u.s. taxpayers at nearly a billion dollars. where is the money going? the biggest winners are look heed martin and others. doctors are determining with the ebola virus is in dallas. texas health presbyterian said they are monitoring a patient in strict isolation who may have ebola. the cdc expects test results
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today. and now intending to treat infected health care workers. this outbreak killed more than 3,000 people in africa. dr. richard berszer is there for "gma." and the search is continuing for the malaysian jet that disappeared in march. use, 3-d maps of the ocean floor. focusing on an area 350-nautical miles long. that's where authorities believe the boeing plane crashed. demonstrators in hong kong set a deadline of tomorrow, wanting hong kong's chief executive do step down and now plans for civil disobedience will be made public tomorrow. this is their fifth night out in the streets. and these pictures from south korea where a sight-seeing ship ran aground this morning.
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fishing ships ran to help. everyone on board was rescued. the scene, not far from where hundreds of south koreans died in april. and dramatic and live on brazilian television. a man with a gun forced a hotel worker to wear what appeared to be an explosive vest. the man was calling for political reforms before freeing the hostage and surrendering to police. it's not clear that the vest was reel. and a large demonstration across the street from the ferguson, missouri, police headquarters. the crowd was vocal but mostly peaceful. a grand jury is determining whether criminal charges should be brought against the police officer that killed michael brown. and hannah graham's disappearance has been linked to a similar crime.
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they have forensic evidence linking jesse matthew jr. to the disappearance of morgan harrington. she went missing after going to a concert. her family wants closure. >> we know where morgan is. she's in a box over there. hannah graham is still missing. we need to bring hannah home. >> police are saying they're hoping to find hannah graham alive. but they're asking farmers to check their land. traffic at chicago's two busiest airports is returning to normal after the fire last week at a control center. the man charged with setting the fire, brian howard, made a court appearance yesterday. his attorney says he is a deeply troubled man who deserves forgiveness and compassion. the faa has launched an investigation of its security procedures. colorado was ground zero yesterday for just about everything mother nature could throw at it.
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large hail struck parts of colorado and new mexico, also under tornado warnings. parts of the denver area saw golf ball-size hail and flooding. and in the higher elevations, this, snow. the forecast is to be calm, dry for the area today, and a lot more stormy weather for storm. >> also today, severe weather in the country. threatening nearly a dozen states in the upper plains and midwest. and rain in the great lakes and ohio valley, as well as south florida. but the southwest is drier. >> milder air pushing temperatures down, 60s across the western states. 80s across the southwest. dallas will hit 90. and coming up, another major vehicle recall from toyota. this was announced overnight. plus the rush is on to fill thousands of holiday jobs. but if you want one, time is running out. and torched, fire tears
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through a junk yard full of cars. this full story ahead on "america this morning."
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well, there will be plenty of holiday retail jobs this year. it appears. but you might want to get on top of this in a hurry. two-thirds of the employers will have done most of their hiring by the middle of next month. the retailers and others want to have workers in place and trained before the season gets up and going. this year's holiday hiring is expected to be the most since before the recession. well, toyota is having a rough week. the government is looking into a sudden acceleration problem.
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the company is calling 700,000 of the popular tacoma pickup trucks. there's a risk of fire. it's the 4 x 4 and pre-runner from 2005 to 2011. owners will be notified by mail. and the fcc is going to take a look at the rules that keep games off local television sets if the stadium is not sold out. allowing cable and satellite providers to show the games. snacks are taking over. nearly all of us have at least one snack a day. and one in five of us snacks three to four times a day. almost half of consumers worldwide say snacks are replacireplace ing meals, most often breakfast. in the u.s., it's chips. but worldwide, the number one snack, chocolate. >> lays and cad bury, doing well
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around the world. might be quite a hop for the quantas kangaroos. flying the longest airline route with the biggest passenger jet. from sydney to dallas-ft. worth. 16 hours and 8900 miles. the air bus a-385 has lots of jets and handed out pajamas on the flight. >> that's all it takes for me. an nfl coach fired overnight. and the patriots put on an ugly performance on monday night football. those highlights coming up. let us pray. actually, pull over. you can pull over for a prayer, folks. you can drive in, praise the lord, and drive right back out. stay with us. when you told me about this "candy crush" game at first
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♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing good around ♪ ♪ turn around, barry ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ [ female announcer ] fiber one. before we craft it into a sandwich. the tender, slow-roasted turkey, the zesty cranberry mostarda, the freshly baked flatbread paired perfectly with our autumn squash soup. a delicious meal made just for you only at panera bread. well, the people in glendale, arizona, still cleaning up this morning from severe storms that slammed through the area over the weekend. damaging winds twisted metal, street signs and light poles, uprooted trees and crushed homes and cars. power was cut to thousands of homes and businesses. now for a look at the road conditions. flooded roads and highways across nearly a dozen states from the upper plains down into
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the midwest. the ohio valley and up into western new york. and more slick roads in south florida. and if you're flying, you're in luck. we have no major airport delays expected today. we're getting dramatic video in this morning out of florida. >> take a look at this, folks. this is an aerial shot. shows a massive fire burning out of control at a junk yard. these are junk vehicles engulfed in flames. pushing up the giant plume of smoke. in all, more than a hundred vehicles were burned out. reports suggest a welder may have accidently sparked the fire. seven elementary school students are recovering after a tractor-trailer slammed into the back of the school bus. one was serious injured. two in the tractor-trailer were listed in serious condition. the female passenger in the truck was naked at the time of
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the crash. officers at the scene gave her a towel. walmart is blaming tracy morgan's enor rauj for the crash that took place. they were not wearing seat belts in june, killing morgan's friend. morgan and several others are suing walmart, claiming that the truck driver fell asleep after being up for more than 24 hours. and tony stewart is breaking his silence since he struck and killed kevin ward jr. at an upstate new york track. stewart told reporters he couldn't get out of bed for three days after the accident. he says he thinks about the crash every day. but he plans to continue racing. he also expressed his willingness to speak with ward's family. >> i want to be available to them. if they want to talk about it. at this point, i don't need -- i don't need to talk to them for
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closu closure. i know what happened, and i know it was an accident. but i'm offering to talk to them to help them if it helps them with closure. >> stewart has been cleared of any criminal wrong doing. but he could face a civil suit from ward's family. new information on the linebacker who shot and killed his girlfriend and committed suicide. belcher had signs of cte, a degenerative disease, it's been associated with head trauma. the chiefs are facing two lawsuits saying that the team failed to provide adequate medical care. the university of michigan is making changes after the controversial play involving their. >> shane morris took a hard hit and a staggered on the field. the athletic director apologized for a serious lack of
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communication that resulted in morris later reentering the game. >> this is the change they're going to make now. moving forward, one of the school's medical staff will be in the press box with the ability to contact the sidelines about possible head injuries. the head coach has been severely criticized. >> they said hoke's actions were indefensible and we can no longer stand by his employment at michigan. and dennis allen was fired as head coach of the oakland raiders after they arrived back from london. >> it was the tenth-straight loss dating back to last season. an interim head coach is expected to be named today. and the royal and the a's tonight. >> tomorrow in the national league. it's the giants and the pirates. and here our friends at espn. >> welcome to the "sportscenter" studio in los angeles.
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i'm stan verrett. monday night football. the patriots and the chiefs. dorothy from the wizard of oz. no place like home, not for the chiefs. they lost four-straight at arrowhead stadium. and the fumble recovery. and brady, looking for edleman. but picked off by smith. and miscommunication. fourth quarter, brady picked off by abdullah. brady, 14 of 23, 159 yards, a fumble and 2 interceptions. jamal charles, a high ankle sprain. didn't look like it. that's his first rushing touchdown of the season. and then later, charles split out wide, create the mismatch. and then take advantage of it. first receiving touchdown of the season. but why stop there? third quarter, alex smith to charles once again.
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108 all-purpose yards for him. three touchdowns, combined rushing and receiving. the chiefs win big, 41-14 over the patriots. so kansas city dropped the first two games and won two in a row since then. new england also 2-2 on the season. back to you. up next in the pulse, the front seat companion who got one driver a very expensive ticket. don't try that on your way to work. and george clooney and his new bride. we have the first look at the wedding dress, so stay tuned.
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. welcome back. time "the pulse." and we start with pretty big names in the news. don't get much bigger. >> true. first up, chelsea chlinton, hom with her daughter. the mom and dad left a new york hospital with the bundle of joy yesterday. famous grandparents were there with them. >> you were pointing it out earlier. yes, like we saw the royal baby not too long ago. kind of a similar family thing, cameras around. it was a nice moment.
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>> it looks very similar there, doesn't it? and also getting the first look at the gorgeous wedding gown worn by the new mrs. clooney. take a look. the cover of "people" magazine. stunning in the custom-designed os car de la renta creation. and the cufflinks on the suit were a gift from the bride. they are off to a brief honeymoon after a civil ceremony in venice. what was that? >> i said they look great. >> where do you go on a honeymoon after getting married in venice? a new drive through, promising to feed the soul free of charge. >> a houston church opened up a drive through for prayer. anyone can join by pulling over for prayer, just like a fast food restaurant. >> the unique drive through is for those in a rush and feeling the stress of life.
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is this where we are? can't make time for church. >> were you here last week with the funeral home with the drive through to pay respects. have we lost our mind? >> we have. >> things have to be done with five minutes or less. our attention span is at zero with mobile devices. >> i need a nap. speaking of drive throughs. one young woman will think about driving through seattle with a teddy pebear. >> it wasn't the teddy bear. it was a decoy in the h.o.b. lain. a for creativity. the woman said she had nowhere else to feel the bear. >> officers not feeling the love. nothing warm and fuzzy. gave her a ticket for speeding, driving illegally in the car pool lane, and she had all kinds of problem.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good thursday morning at 4:28. we will see how the tuesday morning is starting out. leyla gulen has a look. >> you will start to feel things warming up headed into the afternoon. we are looking at live doppler hd right now bringing become a return in terms of low clouds and fog but this is going to be the last day for several days of experiencing it. looking to the embarcadero and the bay bridge we can see in the bay area is sunny and warmer today. tomorrow, the heat is on with an increased fire danger because of the heat. now over to traffic where we are
4:29 am
starting off with bay bridge. the traffic is clear. on the san mateo bridge out of hayward to foster city traffic is flowing smoothly and it will only take you nine minutes to cross the water with areas of construction. traveling along northbound nimitz that is where you will find the cone zones. slow down if the construction crews. when you head closer to high street we have clear conditions as we make it up to the maze. if you travel when we have another construction project into emeryville. if san francisco, a man was shot near the civic center plaza 90 minutes ago at hyde. authorities say the man was with a group of people when he was robbed and shot. the victim was taken to the hospital. ones say the suspect was wearing
4:30 am
a black hoodie and pants. the suspect is last. a young woman suffered massive injuries from a car crash that began with a police chase. amy hollyfield is near the scene. amy? a teen girl is in critical condition. police say there were three females in the car. the driver was in her late 20's. the two passengers were 16 or 17. one suffered moderate injuries. the other is in critical condition. the accident happened after five o'clock last night when police tried to pull the car over for a traffic violation. >> it turns into a brief pursuit 20 seconds or so into the pursuit the vehicle accelerated to pull away from the and the driver lost control of the vehicle and it hit a center median and flipped the vehicle over. >> the


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